Taking a Closer Look at the Potential Origin of Ms. Marvel’s New Abilities

Ahead of the release of Ms. Marvel, we take a look at how her abilities might potentially be inspired by the comic’s Quantum Bands.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has consistently looked to the comics for inspiration in its adaptations. We saw it with the Superhero Registration Act being turned into the Sokovia Accords or even recently having Marc Spector waking up in an institution. Some adaptations are straightforward, while others are altered slightly to fit an overarching story. Carol Danvers, to give an example didn’t get her powers from the Space Stone in the comics. With Phase 4 seemingly being all about legacy and the responsibility that God-like beings hold, it shouldn’t be a surprise then to see more connections bringing these themes together. Perhaps they are already planning the seeds with Kamala Khan’s new powers.

In the first trailer for Ms. Marvel, we got to see how Kamala’s powers are being adapted for Disney+. It revealed that she was going to become a more cosmic-powered superhero similar to the two other “marvels” that now exist within the MCU rather than the traditional Embigenning abilities from the comics. Yet, it opens up the question of where exactly these newfound powers come from. As mentioned previously, Captain Marvel received her powers from the Space Stone. The other member of The Marvels, Monica Rambeau, also was given abilities indirectly through an Infinity Stone. Could we see the same with Kamala?

The trailer may be the key to finding out just how she gains her abilities. We see her put on bracelets of some kind and are surrounded by a mysterious energy. Perhaps there’s a chance that what she is wearing is the MCU’s version of the Quantum Bands? In the comics, the cosmic entity and Eternal known as Eon would acquire these mysterious artifacts from Kronos, the father of Zeus, who was just recently teased in the first Thor: Love and Thunder trailer.

In the comics, Eon was originally trying to find ways to counteract Thanos’ plans. He gave Mar-Vell the knowledge and weapons needed to attempt to stop the Mad Titans. Perhaps something similar happened in the MCU. At the time, we all wondered how Carol Danvers arrived back on Earth at precisely the right time in Avengers: Endgame, and this could easily be how. As we see more and more godly entities within the MCU, it wouldn’t be too out there that Eon also has found his place within the cinematic universe and through Carol Danvers’ travel to earth, she brought them with her.

As their name implies, they pull their energy from the Quantum Zone, which we were introduced to in the Ant-Man franchise as the Quantum Realm. So, there are already enough elements within the MCU to build up the connection of her abilities being based on the Quantum Bands. They might change the origin, as even the Tesseract was originally the Cosmic Cube and had no relation to the Infinity Stones in the comics. So, they could even have a connection to an Infinity Stone similar to keep the connective tissue between Marvel’s abilities. Perhaps upcoming trailers might help solidify that very connection as we near its June release.

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