‘Ms. Marvel’s Head Writer on the Khan Family’s Importance

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Family is everything, especially when it comes to teenage superheroes. They are their moral support and help them ease into any challenge that they might face. In the Ms. Marvel comics, Kamala Khan’s family played that role as they also help center her as she navigated the challenging life of being a Pakistani-American. Keeping that alive and also bringing in personal experiences to make them feel like our own family. Head Writer Bisha K. Ali had set out to ensure that remains the same in Ms. Marvel‘s Disney+ series, especially as she wanted to ensure that the Khans are a “realistic, non-stereotypical, Muslim family“.

We know [what] we don’ want to see because we live it. So the intention is always to come from a place of like, ‘Oh, what’s aspirational and beautiful? What don’t people get to see about us?”

Bisha K. Ali

If there’s one place that truly represents us as people, it’s our family and how we interact with them. Being able to show the beauty and aspects that others don’t get to witness, or those with similar backgrounds get to relive is important to convey in a series like this. The Khans were an important aspect of Kamala’s story in the comics and it’s great that the Disney+ Ms. Marvel series will also stick to that. The last trailer highlighted her relationship with her mother and we’ll see how the rest of her family may influence her evolution as a hero throughout the six-episode series.

Source: Empire Magazine via Twitter

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