‘Moon Knight’ Unused Concept Art Reveals Lemire-Smallwood’s Inspired Khonshu

moon knight khonshu

Moon Knight may have some of Marvel Studios’ most creative designs as it pays tribute to the original comics while also adding some interesting details that make them pop in live-action. We just recently got a good look at some unused Mr. Knight designs that highlighted what may have been, but now Marvel studios’ Visual Development Supervisor, Jackson Sze, shared some amazing concept art that offers a look at a comic-accurate Khonshu.

The design looks fantastic, as it’s heavily inspired by Lemire and Smallwood’s run with the character. We would often see him sitting in a chair with webs adding to the overall atmosphere. We did get to see Khonshu wear the iconic suit in Moon Knight‘s post-credit sequence but not in this haunting visual style.

Here’s hoping that the project gets a second season or even a film that further explores his psyche, especially if that means we get to see this design brought to life. Seeing how Khonshu has a grip over his life and Jake Lockley, it would add an interesting conflict to fully delve into his DID to create one of Marvel Studios’ most experimental projects.

Source: Twitter

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