Sana Amanat on Balancing Comic Accuracy with Reimaginings in the MCU (EXCLUSIVE)

Before audiences had seen a single episode of Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series Ms. Marvel, the online discussion centered on the changes being made to Kamala Khan as they adapted her character for the MCU. New powers. New villains. No Inhumans (?). These things had fans of the character wondering exactly what about the MCU version was going to resemble the one they’d grown to love in the comics.

Marvel Studios has made it clear over the years that they have no interest in the MCU becoming a collection of direct page-to-screen projects and Ms. Marvel is no different. Charles Villanueva asked Sana Amanat, who co-created the character in the comics and also shepherded her into the MCU, how they worked on balancing a story that was faithful to the comics while also becoming its own thing.

Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige in particular are very respectful of the source material. He’s a fan, through and through. So for him, he really wanted to adapt [Ms. Marvel] but really brought what worked, which was Kamala, her family, and her world. So the first thing that was important to us was that the casting was there and that the tone and style of the show were there.

Sana Amanat

Amanat notes that the casting of the character was of the utmost importance and, in Iman Vellani, the studio seems to have found an actress who truly captures the essence of Kamala Khan. So while the series, and the future of the character, might diverge from the comics in some ways, the heart of the character looks to have made the jump to the MCU.

Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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