‘She-Hulk’ Director Expected the Reaction to the Disney+ Series’ VFX

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There have recently been some statements from employees working on Marvel Studios’ projects highlighting they let the industry. There always has been a certain level of complaint in regards to Marvel’s use of effects work that has become a recurring theme on Twitter for one reason or another. She-Hulk, the first Disney+ series with a fully VFX-created character, has drawn in quite the attention. Director Kat Coiro offered some insight into how they tackled the project and sat down with SFX to discuss the internet’s reaction.

Surprisingly, she stated that they’ve expected the reaction, especially with how different the character is from Hulk or other CG characters. In the comics, she originally was meant to not just be a bulky version of Jennifer Walters, but rather highlight a different aspect of the character. It’s something that they wanted to highlight with her design.

It really is taking the design and asking, ‘Are we getting those facial expressions and those nuances of reaction I think a lot of the reactions have to do with the fact that she is so different than anything we’ve seen. When you think of Thanos or Hulk, they have a grisliness and a harshness and a bulkiness to them that is just so different. And when you just see a little pop of her, it’s almost shocking because we haven’t seen it before.

Kat Coiro

Coiro reveals that she worked quite closely with Victoria Alonso, who is Marvel Studios’ President of Physical, Post Production, VFX, and Animation at Marvel Studios to bring She-Hulk to life. She highlights how they approached the character and ensured that they keep the emotional reaction and the actor’s performance alive through the effects work.

She has such an incredible eye, and to me a lot of that eye comes from this very emotional gut reaction that she has, which is backed by decades of technical expertise,” she explains. What I think is so cool is she keeps this real emotional reaction to the VFX. Watching her work has taught me so much about why something works and why it doesn’t; why does it go into uncanny valley? And it always comes back to the actor’s performance and capturing that.

Kat Coiro

We haven’t gotten a new trailer since the initial release, which has been curious considering it’s set to premiere next month. While some still want the series to be postponed for them to continue working on the effects, we’ll have to wait and see how far they’ve gotten with the effects work. Corridor Digital, a YouTube channel of experts that famously analyzes VFX in the industry, has highlighted that the effects work isn’t getting the recognition it would deserve as well as how YouTube played a big factor in downgrading its quality.

You can check out their video on She-Hulk here:

Source: SFX, YouTube

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