RUMOR: ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ RPG and MMORPG in Development

avatar last airbender rpg

Avatar: The Last Airbender has quite a few big years ahead. Netflix is working on a live-action series, Nickelodeon formed a new production studio that primarily focuses on the franchise, and it looks like a new rumor is hinting that some more games are also in some form of development. Avatar News, who have shared some insights on various projects in the past, has revealed that not one but four projects are currently in development.

The big news story is that one of the projects is hinted at as a “console RPG” but it’s uncertain what the gameplay style might end up being. Action RPGs are quite popular and would fit the universe, but it’s uncertain if they might go a similar route to Hogwarts Legacy, but they believe that it may include characters from the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series.

The second project is an MMORPG. No more details could be shared, but it seems these projects have been in development for some time. These two projects joined one mystery title and the Square-Enix mobile game that was announced some time ago. If the rumor is to believe, we might get more details in the near future as they might be quite far into development at this point.

I have high hopes for an RPG in this universe, especially if you can master different types of bending. A high-budget action RPG would be a fitting game addition as you start to master the different techniques. They don’t know who might be involved with the projects, but there are definitely some studios that would offer a fantastic game based on the franchise. So, here’s hoping that announcement truly is just around the corner.

Source: Avatar News

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