Spanish Retailer Leaks ‘Persona 3 Reload’s Multi-Platform Release

persona 3 reload

Well, if the trailer didn’t leak in advance, it seems Spanish retailer Xtralife was going to do it for Atlus. A new listing has surfaced online and it confirms that while Persona 3 Reload was an Xbox Showcase exclusive, the game is going to be a multi-platform release. The retailer includes the games on multiple consoles which also includes a Switch release; which is not too surprising given Persona 5 Royal was recently made available on the console.

It also matches Atlus seeing the potential of multi-platform releases to truly bank on the success of their franchise. Though, rumors did point to Persona 6, the next actual mainline entry, potentially being an exclusive for PlayStation 5 for some time. That would make sense given that Persona 5 was a huge hit when it was first released and it would also allow the game’s core audience to stick with it while others get a chance to catch up on the remake of Persona 3.

What is interesting is that the box art is also included, which seems pretty much set in stone alongside the Reload logo. Though it does say “Not Final Artwork” and could change given its Early 2024 release. While personally wished they’d updated the logo, the visual of the game’s main character in water is seemingly going to be a recurring theme moving forward for the entry. Here’s hoping that they may have also added some elements into the actual remake that make this aspect come across outside of just the UI.

Source: Xtralife (Switch), Xtralife (Xbox), Xtralife (PS)

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