‘Superman Legacy’ to Introduce DCU’s The Authority

superman legacy

It’s Friday and that means we get the traditional Heat Vision newsletter from Hollywood Reporter. This usually comes with a big scoop but sometimes they hide away big reveals in the smallest sections of the text. This time around, it seems THR has gotten its hands on the details that James Gunn’s upcoming film is set to introduce one major addition to the new DC Cinematic Universe.

Hidden away in a section on the recent casting bits for Superman Legacy, they reveal that The Authority will also be introduced in the upcoming film. While they don’t state which members will appear, it does seem like Gunn is dead set on using the upcoming film as a jumping-off point for his overarching storyline.

They also mention that they are likely to cast Lex Luthor, which is a tradition at this point given how closely tied the character is with Superman, but it’s curious that they’d not try to build it up over time but instead jump straight in. It does make you wonder how he is setting up this universe and if we’ll see way more crossovers rather than individual projects.

We knew for some time that The Authority will be introduced and while most might be disappointed we’re not just getting the Justice League, it’s a clever way to give audiences a new group of superheroes that are quite obscure. With Justice League having left a bad taste with audiences some years ago, it’s a way to have a major crossover team without retreading familiar ground.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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