Finn Jones Confirms Plot of ‘Iron Fist’ Season 3 Would Have Featured Orson Randall

Of all the Marvel shows produced by Netflix, Iron Fist stands out as the one least loved by fans. The series was noted for its many departures from the source material, with viewers and critics both agreeing the project was far too light on the magic that made the comics so much fun. After a few behind-the-scenes changes, Iron Fist’s second season improved the show by leaps and bounds, but the alterations came too late and weren’t enough to save the series from an early cancellation. This meant that several plotlines, including a massive cliffhanger hinting at a major comic book story for the show’s third season, were left unfinished and untold by showrunner Raven Metzner and his creative team.

Speaking exclusively with Comic Book, series star Finn Jones discussed the potential surrounding Iron Fist Season 3 and the conscious efforts made to fix the show after its poorly received debut outing:

The second season was really all about course correction. Y’know, it’s like, how do we just change the course and the conversation around the show and just bring it up to a place that we can feel proud of, and then we can take the show in the direction that we really want to take it.

Finn Jones

The direction they wanted to take Iron Fist, it seems, was toward writers Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction’s acclaimed run from the late 2000s. That series featured Danny Rand learning more about the former owners of the Iron Fist mantle, and teaming up with his immediate predecessor, Orson Randall. Iron Fist Season 2 ended with Jones’ take on Rand traveling to Asia with his new pal Ward, channeling his chi into two pistols and bringing himself closer to Randall than ever. Meanwhile, in New York, Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing took over as the next official Iron Fist.

When asked directly if this meant Metzner and Jones planned on adapting The Immortal Iron Fist and using Orson Randall in the third season, the British actor confirmed this was the case:

Oh, yeah, we definitely were. I love Danny Rand. I love Danny Rand. I love that character, I love everything about him. I think he’s such a joy. And so did Raven, as well. And we really would just vibe out and geek out together about the prospects of what we could create with that character.

Finn Jones

He elaborated, breaking down the unmade season’s potential structure:

Raven, especially, wanted to see Danny and Ward off in distant lands, like, fighting crime and having the guns and stuff. And Orson Randall, like taking on that kind of persona. And then Colleen would be in New York with the Iron Fist, kind of coming to terms with that responsibility. Then eventually, over the course of that season, they would find each other again and become whole. Yeah, there were a lot of interesting ways we could have moved forward with that show.

Finn Jones

While Metzner was never able to make this plot a reality, it’s not impossible that fans see it play out on screen in the future. Marvel Studios has been steadily returning its Netflix characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it may be only a matter of time before Danny Rand makes his second grand debut. Whether or not Jones is still in the role when that happens remains to be seen.

Source: Comic Book

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