‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Passes $900M Internationally, Highest-Grossing Film in Mexico

spider man no way home international

Sony’s latest Marvel film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, continues to blow expectations out of the water, as the film will pass Black Panther‘s domestic box office in just a short time. At this point, it has garnered the spot of fourth highest-grossing film in the United States. It’s no small accomplishment if you consider that the Omicron discussion is still worrying some about an eventual closure of cinemas once again. Still, the film has been a juggernaut, as only this weekend’s release of Scream managed to surpass it this weekend.

It’s been a great weekend as the latest horror entry beat expectations, and No Way Home managed to garner a few interesting new milestones. As @ErikDavis shared, the film is now the highest-grossing film of Mexico, may even add Central America and Brazil to that list. It’s passed $900M internationally, opening up a potential $1 billion if it can still keep up some momentum.

It’s definitely no small accomplishment with everything stacked against it due to the rising numbers worldwide. The fact the film managed to pass the $1.6B mark is quite impressive and everyone is still curious just how close it might get to potentially join the $2B club. It still seems unlikely currently, but the film has proven to have some great legs in cinemas. Plus, there’s also the possibility it might still hit China for that last boost it needs.

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