‘Star Wars: Republic Commando’ Remaster Revealed

star wars republic commando

Another fan-favorite Star Wars video game is getting a remaster. It was revealed today that Star Wars: Republic Commando is coming to the PlayStation 4 on April 6, courtesy of Aspyr Media. The game, considered a classic among the Star Wars community, allows the player to take control of Delta Squad leader Boss and his trusty group of commandos. The game’s controls have been updated to fit modern controllers, and include directing your squad through complicated maneuvers and blasting the dastardly battle droids of the Separatist Army to bits. The re-release also adds new trophies for the player to strive towards, and will reportedly feature backward-compatibility with the PlayStation 5.

The Republic Commandos avoided de-canonization in 2013 by appearing briefly in an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The crew was voiced in that cameo by Dee Bradley Baker, who voiced every clone in the series. Fans have eagerly awaited their return to the spotlight ever since. A version of the Republic Commandos will star in the upcoming animated series The Bad Batch, which was just revealed to be arriving on Disney+ on May 4th, a holiday for the fandom. Gamers have been treated to a variety of old-school Star Wars content in the past couple of years.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter and Star Wars Racer Revenge are both available on the PlayStation Store at the time of this article’s publishing, along with NES original Super Star Wars. So far, no other projects related to Delta Squad have been announced, but the timing of the remaster is certainly suspicious. Especially considering Lucasfilm is about to take another high-profile deep dive into the world of Clone Troopers.

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