‘Stranger Things’ Duffer Brothers Working on Live-Action ‘Death Note’ Series for Netflix

death note duffer brothers

It looks like Netflix isn’t quite done with Stranger Things or Death Note, as the Duffer Brothers‘ newly founded Upside Down Pictures is now involved with a new production. Orphan Black and Ozark’s Hilary Leavitt joined the production house to run it and they are actively working on another attempt at a live-action Death Note series for the streaming giant.

There are no details on how they might be tackling this adaptation outside of it definitely being a series, unlike the 2017 film adaptation. There’s no word if they are only in a producing role or if they might even be showrunning the project, as they will also be busy on adapting Stephen King and Peter Straub‘s The Talisman. It’s Netflix’s second attempt at the franchise created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

In 2017, Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater alongside director Adam Wingard gave their shot at bringing the franchise to life. Supposedly, a sequel was even in development by Greg Russo back in 2021 but this new series may be a hint at that project having been scrapped at some point. The concept does lend itself more to a serialized format, yet even a Japanese production broke the first half of the original manga into two films back in 2006. Whatever they have planned, Willem Dafoe is still the perfect Ryuk. So whatever they may end up going, they should still bring him back if he is game to bring the Shinigami back to life.

Source: Deadline

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