‘Doom Patrol’: Michelle Gomez Cast as Madame Rogue

The upcoming season of Doom Patrol is quite an anticipated one considering the previous season’s abrupt and cliffhanger ending that found the team quite literally in pieces. Throughout season two the threat of the Candlemaker was a shadow that hung heavy over the team as they reeled with the hard truth that the Chief was at fault for every single accident that brought them to where they were. Little is known plotwise about this upcoming season, but many diehards will love the upcoming live-action debut of Madame Rogue, an original member of the Brotherhood of Evil, and while we haven’t heard much on the rest of the brotherhood we now know who’ll be bringing Rogue to life.

Fans of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Flight Attendant will be happy to know HBO Max is keeping it in the family with the recent addition of Michelle Gomez as the sinister Frenchie with a killer dual personality courtesy of a nearly fatal car crash. We’ll first see Rogue arrive at Doom Manor as an “eccentric and complicated” individual with a special mission. This mission could very well be to infiltrate the team via their leader. Rogue and Niles Caulder have quite a history in the comics, as the two once shared a romantic relationship in which Caulder helped Rogue overcome her evil personality.

Doom Patrol season 3 has no set release date but is currently in production. The upcoming season will see the return of Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, April Bowlby, Dianna Guerrero, and Jovian Wade as they take on the Brotherhood of Dada.

SOURCE: Variety

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