‘The Batman 2’ Won’t Be in Theaters Any Time Soon

the batman 2

As news comes of Warner Bros. hiring of James Gunn and Peter Safran to lead the way for the newly-minted DC Studios, fans of Matt Reeves’ The Batman also received a disappointing update on the sequel to the 2022 film. According to Variety’s Zack Sharf, The Batman 2 won’t be headed to theaters for at least another 3 years.

Sharf reported that the film, which Reeves began developing in April of 2022, is still without a complete script. The director had already been planning the sequel long before that, but is also involved in and overseeing the creation of several other projects based in and around the Gotham of his Batman Universe. Even with the shift to a DC Films DC Universe, the studio seems to remain committed to Reeves’ projects, though it’s unclear what, if any, connectivity they will share with the future DCU. At the moment, Reeves’ Gotham-verse looks to consist of the Colin Farrell-led HBO Max series, The Penguin, an Arkham Asylum series being developed by showrunner Antonio Campos, and multiple films focusing on Batman’s Rogues Gallery with characters such as Scarecrow, Clayface and Professor Pyg among those up for solo outings.

With all that going on, it’s easy to see how Reeves may not have The Batman 2 out in theaters anytime soon. However, it’s clear that there’s both an audience for Reeves’ vision and support for it at DC Studios, so while fans will have a bit of a wait, at least it won’t be a stressful one.

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