Matt Reeves Developing Multiple Projects Based on Batman’s Villains

Matt Reeves is sticking with the Batman as he is currently developing multiple projects centered around the Caped Crusader’s villains.
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Along with developing a sequel to the critically acclaimed The Batman, Matt Reeves is looking to expand his DC universe. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that, along with the previously announced Penguin spinoff, Reeves is currently meeting with writers and directors to build out movies focused on Batman’s rogue’s gallery. It is of note, that the outlet suggests the projects will focus on both established and obscure villains, including characters ranging from Scarecrow to Professor Pyg.

All of these projects are said to be in the very early stages of development, but Reeves is keen to build out movies on these characters. Like with The Penguin, Reeves will be involved to an extent, but his main focus is The Batman 2.


Source: THR.

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