The Superhero Mock Draft

Welcome to the inaugural superhero mock draft for Murphy’s Multiverse. Our two General Managers, Hunter Radesi of The Defenders and Dalbin Osorio of The Illuminati, will be drafting the first two teams of the MMFL (Murphy’s Multiverse Flag League). Seven versus seven with defense optional, just the way Stan Lee intended it.

All superheros are draftable
Rosters include a QB, 3 Offensive Weapons, 3 Defensive Weapons
No Variants

Hunter is on the clock.

Round One:

The Defenders Draft Pick #1:

Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man (WR)

Dalbin’s reaction: Going young right off the bat doesn’t make me nervous. I’d be more concerned if Hunter chose a wide receiver that can catch (sorry Gwen Stacy).

Hunter’s response: Betting on Parker learning from his mistakes in college. He’s a young guy but it’s his spirit, determination, and ability to adapt that catch my eye. The sticky fingers don’t hurt either.

The Illuminati Draft Pick #1

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America (QB)

Hunter’s reaction: This is an intimidating pick. Incredible leadership ability and one of the most accurate throws in his class. Rogers was definitely someone we kept an eye on. Maybe could have picked someone with better arm strength though.

Dalbin’s response: What better way to combat the kid from Queens than with the kid from Brooklyn? Throwing vibranium around means the adjustment to the pro game will take a minute, but please believe that the intangibles are through the roof.

Round Two:

The Defenders Draft Pick #2

Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman (QB)

Dalbin’s reaction: A leader who never compromised his values despite what Injustice says. He’s faster than a speeding bullet, which means he’d revolutionize the game, so I’m really worried now. Defensively, I may have to draft someone with his mother’s name to stop him.

Hunter’s response: Heard from a few scouts he’s resolved his conflict with Mr. Wayne. Some described it as a “rebirth.” I’m excited for his future as both a leader and an athletic talent, not to mention I think the camaraderie between Kent and Parker will result in Burrow and Chase levels of success.

The Illuminati Draft Pick #2

James Howlett, aka Wolverine (RB)

Hunter’s reaction: A little guy, good for putting his head down and getting through the line. Scrappy and sturdy. I’ll need a sturdier, angrier linebacker if I have any hope of putting him down.

Dalbin’s response: With the selection of Cap, I wanted someone with a strong relationship with him in the backfield, and the only person with a better relationship with Cap than Logan is Bucky, but I couldn’t draft a former war criminal who Cap himself didn’t pick. Logan is my Derrick Henry.

Round Three:

The Defenders Draft Pick #3

Bruce Banner, a.k.a. The Hulk (LB)

Dalbin’s reaction: Oh, dear God. I wouldn’t like when he’s angry and playing for Hunter means he will always be angry. This is a good way to counter my first two picks, but will the comics repeat themselves on a screen pass? We’ll see!

Hunter’s response: Hulk smash.

The Illuminati Draft Pick #3

Barry Allen, aka The Flash (WR)

Hunter’s reaction: Talk about a prospect with speed. No way I can draft anybody who can keep up with Allen, but I can draft someone (witch) crafty enough to get around it.

Dalbin’s response: The only worry with Barry was immaturity, but the speed is too tantalizing a prospect to pass up here in round 3.

Round Four:

The Defenders Draft Pick #4

Mark Grayson, a.k.a. Invincible (S)

Dalbin’s reaction: *An audible gasp exits from the Illumaniti war room, and it doesn’t come from a Captain Marvel variant while fighting the Scarlet Witch* I had Hunter’s word that he wouldn’t take Grayson. He was MY sleeper!

Hunter’s response: If there’s anything Grayson is familiar with, it’s shocking betrayals from people he trusts. This is a defensive player who can be anywhere on the field, and no longer trusts anyone else to do his job for him.

The Illuminati Draft Pick #4

Harley Quinn (LB)

Hunter’s reaction: A bit confused by this one. Quinn is brutal and unpredictable, the definition of a wild card, but I would have thought she’d end up on the offensive side of things. I’ll need to make some picks that can handle her chaos.

Dalbin’s response: I needed a leader on defense, and who better than the person who leads DC’s best movie (Birds of Prey)? With the array of weapons, ahem, I’ll add around her, it’s really over for you jokers.

Round Five:

The Defenders Draft Pick #5

Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. Scarlet Witch (CB)

Dalbin’s Response: She lacks vision, but the potential is through the roof now that she’s embraced her true self. A true mutant at the position, this might be Hunter’s best pick.

Hunter’s response: There’s really no cap on her potential, and what she lacks in vision she makes up for with a fierce sense of team play. She’ll do anything to make sure her family comes out on top.

The Illuminati Draft Pick #5

John Stewart, aka Green Lantern (S)

Dalbin’s reaction: How do I support the wild card in the middle of the defense? By giving her a player with range behind her. The best Green Lantern brings leadership skills and no desire to fall to the dark side like his predecessors from Green Lantern University.

Hunter’s reaction: Egads! This was going to be my next pick. A truly multifaceted talent, with the ability to make up defensive plays on the spot. I’ll need someone with experience and endurance to get through Stewart, because there may be no going around.

Round Six:

The Defenders Draft Pick #6

Hellboy (TE)

Dalbin’s response: *A visible smirk is shown on the face of the new GM in the Illumaniti war room*

Hunter’s response: Needed someone who could drop a shoulder, stiff arm, or block just as well as they can catch. Hellboy is the definition of that skill set. It’s almost like he’s got two different hands, one for the soft touch and one you hope he never uses on you.

The Illuminati Draft Pick #6

T’Challa, aka Black Panther (WR)

Dalbin’s reaction: Completing my offense with a franchise player in round 6? Too hard to pass up. With Cap, Flash, Wolverine, and T’Challa on offense, we are talking vibranium over Baghdad.

Hunter’s reaction: Hard to believe T’Challa was still on the board. He never fit into my offensive scheme, but I was praying to Bast that he didn’t fit the Illuminati’s either.

Round Seven:

The Defenders Draft Pick #7

Scott Lang, a.k.a. Ant-Man (RB)

Dalbin’s response: When we talk shifty, this is what we mean. Plus, when you singlehandedly save the universe by planning a time heist, you’d think there’d be more hype, but this might be Hunter’s best pick. Plus, there’s so much potential for him to play bigger than what he currently is.

Hunter’s response: This is someone who can carry the ball anywhere on the field, and fits in perfectly with an offense designed to constantly adapt. Good luck catching a guy you can barely see breaking away downfield.

The Illuminati Draft Pick #7:

Diana, Princess of the Amazons, aka Wonder Woman (EDGE)

Dalbin Reaction: Diana, Harley, and John on defense gives me range, versatility, and downright power. It’s the ultimate bend but don’t break defense, but one that will do what’s needed given the offense will score points.

Hunter’s reaction: This pick makes me glad I have a quarterback with steel nerves. Nothing scarier than a Themyscira alum coming hot off the corner.

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