RUMOR: ‘Moon Knight’s Final Episode May Be its Shortest

moon knight final episode

With all the threads that were set up in past Moon Knight episodes, it’s looking like the finale might end up being quite a bit shorter than initially expected. Amid Chaudhari, who has shared the episode lengths of previous Disney+ episodes, took to his Twitter account to potentially reveal the length of the final episode of Marvel Studios’ latest Disney+ series. It looks like it’ll be its shortest, as the episode will be around 42 minutes long. If we put that into comparison from past episodes (according to Disney+):

  • The Goldfish Problem – 48 min
  • Summon the Suit – 53 min
  • The Friendly Type – 53 min
  • The Tomb – 54 min
  • Asylum – 50 min

So, it seems like the final episode is eyeing a runtime that is similar to the first episode The Goldfish Problem. We have to also keep in mind that the runtime also includes the credits, which opens up the question of just how they might tie everything together in such a short timeframe. perhaps they’ll surprise us with a second season announcement, but given that it’s been described as a limited series on multiple occasions, it almost seems uncertain if or when we can expect his story to continue within the MCU.

It’s one of the issues these stories face is that they tend to end with “there’s more to come” but without an actual second season or direct connection, the wait in-between projects makes it a bit difficult to truly create a connection for audiences.

Source: Twitter, Disney+

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