THEORY THURSDAY: This is How Jake Lockley Will Appear in the ‘Moon Knight’ Finale

Moon Knight has one episode left, so we break down how the series can still introduce Jake Lockley in the finale.

While the fifth and second-to-last episode of Moon Knight accomplished quite a lot, it kept fans hanging on one of the most theorized, anticipated, and likely inclusion of one specific thing: Marc Spector’s third personality, Jake Lockley. Every single episode of the series has included references and evidence that seem to point directly at another alter’s existence, and Oscar Isaac himself has seemingly confirmed this on multiple occasions. 

Many are surprised that the alter (presumably named Jake Lockley given the comic book history) has still not fully appeared given that Moon Knight has only the finale remaining. After the events of Episode 5, there is reason to think that Jake will make his appearance in a bold way. This article explains my theory that Jake will be the personality that has full control of Marc’s body when he is resurrected in the finale. At the end, I do mention a couple of other easy ways for the personality to be revealed, though they are nowhere near as fun. 

The Theory

Looking at the endings of both Episodes 4 and 5, combined with some knowledge of the comics, Jake Lockley may take the reins immediately upon Marc’s resurrection. After Marc’s apparent double death, a resurrection of sorts clearly seems necessary in order for the story to move forward and conclude in any reasonable way. Episode 4 saw Marc be shot and killed by Arthur Harrow, and the psych ward twist and the events of Episode 5 seemingly confirm that he did, in fact, die. 

The imagery of his death in the tomb is surprisingly reminiscent of one particular resurrection-based issue from 1991. Even without that reference, Episode 5 ended with the additional apparent deaths of both Steven and Marc individually. So, quite frankly, someone has to be brought back from the dead at some point. In the comics, it is Khonshu who does the resurrecting, but he is currently imprisoned. Since there are currently no obvious other contenders, it might be fair to assume that the god gets released in the finale before bringing Marc back. But his motives are still a little suspect.

In any event, the real significance of the deaths is that both Marc and Steven died separately. This implies that their individual personalities also died, not just their physical body that also died prior to their journey through the Underworld. So, the focus on their deaths leaves one giant door open—Jake did not die. 

Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight’

It’s helpful to look at the comics. The personalities are, by nature, their own people. Extremely relevant to this theory is the fact that in Moon Knight’s history, Jake specifically has survived after Marc “died,” and the same is true for other personalities. After Marc seemingly sacrifices himself in order to stop a villain, everyone assumes he is dead. But as his close friend Frenchie says, while Marc might be dead, Jake Lockley is not. Jake then goes on a non-Moon Knight action-adventure in Mexico as the sole personality. While Marc’s body presumably stayed alive, it is prime evidence that his alters can “die” at least for some time. Those that don’t (Jake), remain and take over some mental space that the others left behind.

‘Moon Knight’ (2006)
‘Moon Knight’ (2006)

Basically, the idea is that when Marc’s body is resurrected—however that happens—it will be Jake as the sole personality in control, as he is the only one who did not die in the Underworld or make it into the final paradise. This would be a cool and a bit more unexpected way for the alter to reveal himself, as viewers could think initially that Marc and Steven have returned, only for a brand-new character to go into full-on attack mode.

This theory could actually help explain why Marc’s scales balanced at the end of Episode 5. It seems to be explained by Steven’s death, considering Taweret told them that their hearts were “incomplete.” But, even with Steven out of the picture, it is almost certain that Jake exists given the extra sarcophagus at the end of Episode 4 in addition to consistent evidence throughout Moon Knight. So, if Jake is still around and Marc has not made peace or separated from all of his alters, it does not make a ton of sense that his scales balanced. My guess is that the moment the scales balanced is the moment Jake was resurrected back into the physical reality. In that situation, because Steven has died and Jake is no longer present in the Underworld, Marc is left alone. 

Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight’

One of the big questions with Jake is whether he will have his own Moon Knight suit and what that might be. One of the theories is that the character poster for the series already showcases Jake in the middle, who is wearing some more casual gear rather than an elaborate suit. Interestingly, this theory supports that as well. Marc is killed by Harrow while wearing that exact outfit, so if Jake takes control after the resurrection, that is what he will already be wearing. 

Marvel Studios

The major loose end of this theory is where Marc and Steven come back into play. The mechanics of Moon Knight are not totally clear, and they may never be given the complexities of mental health and Ancient Egyptian deities coming together for rather complex metaphysical ideas. But a classic theme in Moon Knight comics is that Marc’s alters can never truly leave. While they may be gone for some time, they will always return. Perhaps Marc and Steven come back as eventual attachments to Jake’s personality. Or, the series finale could be so bold as to keep Jake as the primary identity for the bulk of the episode, only to tease the other two’s later return. 

The Less Exciting Options

To get it out of the way, the most straightforward approach to Jake’s appearance is still on the table. Considering that Jake has become known as the most violent and brutal alter in the comics, a very simple way he might appear is in a moment of great need for Marc and Steven. For example, if the two are losing in a major fight or even a final battle, Jake could dramatically come out of the woodwork to turn the tables. While that seems like a fairly obvious way to introduce the character, you can see it coming a mile away. Plus, it would likely mean that it would take some time for the finale to build up to it, which would mean he might get very little screen time at the end of the day. 

Another less exciting option is for the series to leave Jake as either a brief cameo or lingering tease at the end of the finale. In this way, Marc and Steven would not have to share the spotlight in the final (probably) hour or so of Moon Knight. It would also leave the audience with a clear sense that the titular hero will return and have plenty to explore in the future. While these two options are certainly strong guesses, there is another avenue that the show has opened up that could bring Jake into the picture early and in full control.

In any event, the Moon Knight finale is shaping up to be one to remember. The first five episodes of the series are currently streaming only on Disney+.

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