Theory Thursday: A Mysterious Comics Character May Explain ‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 2 Mystery

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 built a solid foundation for the mystery of Kamala Khan’s super-powered origins. The apparent change in her powers and origin from the comics is one of the most discussed topics with the live-action adaptation, but the fact that there exists a bona fine mystery in the series’ plot is certainly worth something. While there is plenty to speculate about concerning Kamala’s family history and the nature of the bangle that activated her powers, a smaller detail about her history could have major implications going forward. This article discusses how an interesting cosmic character from the comics could play a role in both Kamala’s past and future.

In the most recent episode of Ms. Marvel, Kamala’s dad recounted the story of Kamala’s mother’s family during Partition. While leaving India, Kamala’s grandmother was a toddler. She was separated from her family after her mother disappeared without a trace. The toddler was able to find her way back to the last train and the rest of her family by following a trail of stars. This story, along with some other theories about how Kamala’s powers may connect to the greater universe, may hint at the introduction of Singularity, a peculiar character from the comics.

A-Force (2016)

Not much is known about Singularity, but she is supposedly a sentient quantum singularity who was once affiliated with A-Force. Generally, Singularity can teleport dozens of people vast distances, fly, cross dimensional barriers, and use osmosis to absorb objects or people into her form, within which a pocket universe apparently exists. Interestingly, Singularity is humanoid in form but her body simply looks like the night sky, including stars. 

Singularity could be involved in Kamala’s family history in several ways, but the “trail of stars” certainly invokes her imagery. The fact that she can exist outside of time and move through dimensions could connect to Kamala’s power connections to the Quantum Realm or quantum energy in general. If the bangle belonged to Kamala’s great grandmother, she presumably had some access to the powers. Perhaps something went wrong with quantum energy she she was removed from time, which would be similar to how Kamala met Singularity in Ms. Marvel comics. In that way, the cosmic being may have been an ally. But perhaps Kamala’s ancestor actually became Singularity, which would make sense that she helped guide her daughter back to her family.  

Ms. Marvel (2015)

Interestingly, there may have been a hint in Episode 1 that Singularity could be related to Captain Marvel in some way. It is a bit more of a stretch, but the Captain Marvel figurine at AvengerCon looks like a sparkly, dark blue figure in costume. In other words, it kind of looked like Singularity. If Carol Danvers was somehow involved in the story of Kamala’s great grandmother, it would provide for a direct connection between her and Kamala by the end of the series. It might also answer some lingering questions about what Danvers has been up to since Avengers: Endgame. But there is meaningful imagery in Kamala gazing at the Singularity-looking figure at AvengerCon if she might have the opportunity to look up to the actual being.

Ms. Marvel so far promises to be a fun and suspenseful mystery. Episode 2 raised far more questions about Kamala’s story than answers, which means that there is plenty of room to theorize for the series. Singularity has comics history with Kamala, so it would be interesting to see if or how she would make the jump into live-action. 

The first two episodes of Ms. Marvel are now streaming on Disney+.

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