‘Uncharted’ Creator’s Marvel Game Is Rumored to Be A WW2 Captain America Game

Last year, a report surfaced saying that Uncharted creator Amy Hennig was working on a AAA Marvel under her new company, Skydance Games. While no other information was divulged in the report, the game was described as a “narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure game, featuring a completely original story and take on the Marvel Universe.”

A Twitter account is claiming that the game Hennig is working on is a Captain America-Black Panther adventure set in WW2. Regarding their track record, said Twitter account is also claiming they leaked Matt Shakman directing Fantastic Four ahead of The Direct so take as much salt as you will.

Should this story be true, this won’t be the only Black Panther game in development as EA is reportedly working on an open-world Black Panther game set in Wakanda. Nonetheless, a WW2 game starring Captain America game seems like the kind of story-driven game a visionary like Hennig would work on. While it’s not being developed by Naughty Dog, a Captain America-Black Panther with the gameplay and graphical fidelity of the Uncharted games would be incredible.

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