EXCLUSIVE: ‘Barbarian’ Director Teases Next Project

In an exclusive interview, ‘Barbarian’ director Zach Cregger has teased his next project.

Barbarian has yet to hit theaters, but critics are already raving about the directorial effort from Zach Cregger. The creative came to prominence in the world of comedy, as part of The Whitest Kids U’Know sketch troupe, before transitioning to horror with his latest film and earning high praise as both writer and director. These types of occupational change-overs don’t always go well, but if early online reactions are any indication, Cregger might just have a new career path laid out in front of him.

Speaking exclusively with Murphy’s Multiverse, Cregger was asked directly if working on Barbarian had sparked any interest in crafting more scares down the line. Surprisingly, the filmmaker revealed he was already coming up with his next story. He explained that his idea was not an easy one to nail down, and while it may never actually come to fruition, it is something he’s actively trying to get right:

I have another one that I’m writing right now but it’s very weird and I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to pull it off. I’m still writing it, and it’s hard. I think it could be better than ‘Barbarian’ but I have to figure out how to land this plane and I haven’t cracked it yet. But I’m working on it.

Zach Cregger

Before getting into his future, Cregger dove a bit into his past. The conversation began with a question on how a comedic performer ends up helming a horror feature, to which Cregger replied – “Nothing about the creation of this movie was calculated.” He elaborated:

It wasn’t something I always wanted to do, but I just have to follow the inspiration when it comes to me. Y’know, I was in my garage late at night and I wanted to write something spooky and I kinda cranked it out. Nothing about the creation of this movie was calculated. It was all just sort of a fun exercise. It was really a joyful experience. Just trying to entertain myself, and this is what came out of it.

Zach Cregger

Hopefully, his next film turns out to be a joyful experience as well. Barbarian hits theaters on September 9th.

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