James Gunn Reveals Another Character Set to Appear in ‘Superman: Legacy’

In many ways, James Gunn‘s Superman: Legacy is sounding more and more like a throwback. Though it is expected to be set in the modern continuity of the all-new, all-different DCU, Gunn has made it clear that the film, which DC Studios co-chair Peter Safran said will launch the new DCU, will explore some “old-fashioned” values and will see a Superman who stands for truth, justice and the American way. It’s an interesting challenge for Gunn because the perception that Superman represents a bygone era has made it tough for modern writers to crack new stories that resonate with modern readers; however, a pattern is emerging that might give some insight into how Gunn plans to take on that challenge.

Part of keeping the old-fashioned spirit of Superman alive might be surrounding him with other old-fashioned characters, making Kal-El feel a bit less like a fish out of water. To that end, Gunn has already confirmed that Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olsen, is set to appear in his new Superman film. Olsen was a fixture in the comics and in the late 1970s/early 1980s Superman films played by Marc McClure. That Olsen came complete with an innocent “Aw shucks, Mr. Kent” persona that was in stark contrast to the CIA assassin version of the character that briefly appeared in the Snyderverse. It seems far more likely that Gunn’s version of the character would be in line with the original interpretation of the character, helping establish a more old-fashioned feel around Superman.

Along those old-fashioned lines, it sounds as though James Gunn is set to drop another one of Superman’s friends in Superman: Legacy; in fact, it sounds like it’ll be (Super)man’s best friend: Krypto the Superdog! While promoting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 with Chris Pratt, Gunn jokingly said he’d cast Pratt as the on-set reference for Krypto. When the interviewer asked if he had just gotten a scoop about Krypto’s appearance in the film, Gunn confirmed that he did!

When Warners was courting Gunn, the studio gave him his pick of properties, including Superman. Though Gunn never got far enough along to seriously consider tackling a Superman movie, the filmmaker did take a shine to the Man of Steel’s superpowered dog Krypto during his comics research — which makes sense for a man who turned a talking raccoon into one of Marvel’s most popular big screen characters.

THR Heat Vision, 2019

Gunn has always been a fan of Krypto and, dating back to when he first started work at DC has explored using the character in a project. Back in 2021, we erroneously reported that Gunn was developing a Krypto project for Warner Bros but Gunn’s interest in the character has clearly not waned. Adding Krypto to the mix seems to further ground the story of Superman: Legacy in those old-fashioned values Safran talked bout. A man’s best friend. A boy and his dog. However you put it, there’s a certain sentimentality to the idea of Superman having a canine sidekick with him on his new adventure.

Superman: Legacy is currently set to hit theaters on July 11, 2025.

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