‘WandaVision’: Brought to You By HYDRA

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At this point, I think everyone had a theory about something when it comes to WandaVision. We have only three more episodes to go and no idea what is going on. Hopefully, next week will signal the beginning of the end as all the mysteries surrounding this mini-series are unraveled. We’ve been theorizing ever since the first episode, which resulted in various ideas like a build-up to Secret WarsDottie’s role in the story, and Agnes’ involvement with the hex. At this point, it feels like everything got theorized, and nothing is left. There is still some time until the next episode drops, so why not just throw one more theory in for good measure. I believe that the story might not be as magical as we first thought it was. What if it is a plot by HYDRA to restore the Infinity Stones?

The main reason for this theory lies in Hayward’s strange behavior as of late. He seems rather angry towards powered individuals, which was a far departure from his first introduction. Once he took over, SWORD had a new focus on artificial intelligence. That was something that HYDRA put a lot of focus on when they developed for Project Insight. The Direct’s Liam Crowley had an interesting theory that the SWORD acting director may be Ultron in human disguise. It is possible, but the way the new Marvel Cinematic Universe organization seems to be echoing SHIELD’s Phase 2 plans could be a good hint something is afoot. After SHIELD fell in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, SWORD may have been overlooked in the chaos.



There is also the fact that Wanda’s origins got linked to the organization within this universe. Baron Wolfgang von Strucker had a big hand in activating her abilities through the Mind Stone. After its destruction at the hands of Thanos, they have been trying for a way to harness its power. Vision’s remnants were the perfect opportunity now that Wanda was snapped and couldn’t stop them. As there were no remnants left, they might’ve realized the best way to access the stone’s abilities was through Wanda. Once she returned, they had a golden opportunity. Why else was he laid out on a table like that after all this time?

There is also the loose connection that Agathe Harkness has with HYDRA. We still believe that Agnes turns out to be the iconic witch from Marvel Comics. There was a version in the Ultimate universe that was once part of a seven-headed Hydra. They could’ve taken inspiration from that aspect and made her part of the organization’s mythology that has gotten explored on Agents of SHIELD. It’s a bit of a longshot, but at this point, almost anything is possible with WandaVision. I couldn’t resist throwing in one more crazy theory into the batch.

Source: The Direct

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