What I Heard This Week: Marvel Studios Has Come Back to Atlanta!

Marvel Studios crews returned to work this week in Atlanta to begin preparation for the resumption (or in some cases the beginning) of filming.

Crews for The Falcon and The Winter Solider, Loki and Hawkeye moved back into town and got the ball rolling again on the three upcoming Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series, joining the crew for the Untitled Spider-Man Sequel, which had previously begun prep work.

The past week saw crews return to their projects’ offices, stages being built and preproduction steps taken that should ensure both The Falcon and The Winter Solider and Loki are able to resume filming sometime in late-August or early-September. Back in early July, the studio had hoped to resume filming on those projects by August 17th (a date I reported in my Patreon).

A recent report indicated a late-October start for Hawkeye and, as I reported a few months ago, the Spidey sequel is expected to begin filming in September (though the recent release date shift does give them a month to play with). WandaVision, you may have noticed, is glaringly absent from the list but we continue to hear they have work to complete in Los Angeles.

The return of crews to the area is incredibly encouraging as it continues to give fans hope that production on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be completed in enough time for the series to stream before the end of 2020, giving content-starved fans an epic introduction to Kevin Feige’s plans for the streaming service. It also means casting news might begin to trickle out for Hawkeye and Spidey 3 over the next several weeks, giving us some insight into what exactly we can expect from these projects. This is just the kind of great news we needed headed into the weekend.

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