‘WHAT IF…?’s Queen Ramonda Gets a New Funko Pop Alongside Killmonger as Black Panther

what if queen ramonda

The tradition continues, as now that a few days have passed since the latest episode of What If…? dropped, Funko unveiled their latest Marvel-inspired Funko Pops. This time around, Queen General Ramonda is getting her own Funko. It’s revealed alongside the Killmonger as Black Panther design, which leaked his upcoming conflicts with the head of an Ultron sentry in his hand. It’s interesting that the Ramonda Funko never found its way online, as she had a prominent role in some of the earlier trailers.

It’s great to see Funko continue offering these characters as Funko Pop, and we’re seeing a trend of giving otherwise minor characters more focus in merchandise. They are popular collectibles and it’s great that they are rolling them out alongside their reveal in the various episodes. It adds another layer to how Marvel is utilizing their weekly releases to also create synergy with their merchandising. We still have a few episodes to go, and it’ll be interesting who else might get a Funko that hasn’t already leaked online.

Source: Twitter

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