What to Expect from Marvel Comics’ Destiny of X

Following the conclusion of Jonathan Hickman’s 4-issue Inferno, Marvel Comics’ X-Men line will move out of the Reign of X era and into Destiny of X. Launching in 2022, Destiny of X will be comprised of 9 books and is being billed as the “Second Age of the X-Men of Krakoa.” In the weeks since the original announcement, more information about the line of books has made its way online, including creative teams and solicitations for some issues. With that in mind, here’s a look at what to expect from the line of books when they launch next year.

Immortal X-Men

IMMORTAL X-MEN #1 cover by Mark Brooks

Launching in March, Immortal X-Men will focus on the political machinations of the ruling body of Krakoa, the Quiet Council. Described by writer Kieron Gillen as a companion book to the main X-Men title by Gerry Duggan, Immortal X-Men will deal with the fallout of Inferno and the revelations of Ben Percy’s X Lives of Wolverinie/X Deaths of Wolverine. Artist Lucas Werneck will join Gillen in telling the story behind the scenes of the most powerful governing body on the planet. Immortal X-Men will be available at your local comic shop on March 30th. The full solicitation is available below.

Kieron Gillen (W) • Lucas Werneck (A) • Cover by Mark Brooks
Design Variant COVER by Tom Muller
Headshot variant COVER by Todd NAUCK
Carnage FOREVER variant COVER by TBA
Quiet Council Variant COVER by Phil Noto
Promo Variant COVER by Leinil FRANCIS Yu
Teaser Variant COVER by Lucas Werneck
Variant cover by Peach Momoko
Variant cover by Oscar Vega
The Quiet Council rules the Krakoan age, for better… or worse. Now, shaken by INFERNO and X LIVES / X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE they strive to hold together, no matter how much they want to tear each other apart. Writer Kieron Gillen (UNCANNY X-MEN, ETERNALS, The Wicked + The Divine, Die) returns to the world of X with artist Lucas Werneck (TRIAL OF MAGNETO) to bring us all into the room where it happens. “It” being “the most powerful people on Earth deciding the fate of the whole planet.” Prepare for sinister secrets to be revealed and learn that some secrets are more sinister than others…
48 PGS./Rated T+ …$5.99


MARAUDERS #1 cover by Kael Ngu

One of the six titles that launched the Dawn of X era in 2019, Marauders is being relaunched with a new #1 in March. Steve Orlando will take over writing duties from Gerry Duggan and be giving Captain Kate Pryde and Bishop and all-new, all-different crew consisting of Aurora, Daken, Psylocke, Tempo, Somnus and a recently revealed final member: Cassandra Nova. Nova, the evil twin sister of Charles Xavier, will be helping the Marauders as they try to solve a mutant mystery over two billion years in the making. Eleonora Carlini will be handling the art on Orlando’s stories and the duo will actually make their debut on the book with Maruaders Annual # in January. Marauders #1 goes on sale March 30th; the full solicitation for the book is below.

Variant Cover by PEACH MOMOKO
Design Variant COVER by Tom Muller
Variant COVER by Skottie Young
Promo Variant COVER by Leinil FRANCIS Yu
Teaser Variant COVER by Eleonora Carlini
Variant cover by Russell Dauterman
Variant cover by Erica D’Urso
Variant cover by Lucas Werneck
Captain Pryde and the Marauders are rededicating themselves to rescuing mutants, wherever they may be, and no matter how dangerous the odds against them are. But Captain Pryde’s crew is not yet complete! Against her better judgment, Pryde comes face-to-face with the final Marauder: Cassandra Nova! One of the most infamous villains in mutant history might be the Marauders’ only chance to unravel a mystery stretching two billion years into the past!
40 PGS./Rated T+ …$4.99


Current X-Force writer Ben Percy will stay on for Destiny of X’s X-Force book, launching in April. The official teaser shows X-Force members Wolverine, Kid Omega, Beast, Force and Sage hooked into Cerebrex, which seems to be an upgraded version of the current Cerebro worn by Professor X. Artist Robert Gill, who has been working with Percy on X-Force for the last 4 issues will remain on the book.

Knights of X

Also launching in April, Knights of X will be, is some ways, a continuation of the current Excalibur book that launched during Dawn of X and “ended” with this month’s #26. Excalibur writer Tini Howard will be joined by artist Bob Quinn on Knights of X which, as it turns out, should be read “Knights of Ten” (the teaser reads, “Ten Realms, Ten Knights”). It’s expected to be set primarily in Otherworld and pick up where the events of Excalibur #26, which saw Betsy Braddock remain in Otherworld to fight Merlyn, left off.


Gerry Duggan will remain on board the main X-title. The solicitation for X-Men #9, which can be seen below, hints at some big troubles ahead for the squad.

X-MEN #9
GERRY DUGGAN (W) • Javier Pina (A) • Cover by Pepe Larraz
Trading Card Variant Cover by Russell Dauterman
Promo Variant Cover by Leinil FRANCIS Yu • CARNAGE FOREVER Variant Cover by TBA
The Quiet Council of Krakoa. The Great Ring of Arakko. The Central Column of Orchis. Three ruling bodies, all about to make vital decisions that will affect their people for years to come…and the X-Men are caught in the cross fire.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Legion of X

New X-Men Team For 2022, Spinning Out Of Onslaught/Way Of X (Spoilers)

Details have yet to be released on Legion of X, but it seems likely that it will star Nightcrawler and Legion and be a bit of a continuation of Way of X, written by Si Spurrier and drawn by Bob Quinn. A new team, shown above, was teased at the end of X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation, which served as the end of the Way of X story. The team, featuring Juggernaut, Doctor Nemesis, Pixie, Forgetmenot and a newly resurrected Blindfold, who was originally kept out of the Resurrection Protocols due to Moira’s demands that no precog mutants be allowed to be brought back to life. With Destiny having been resurrected in Inferno and Blindfold on the way and Juggernaut, who was banned from Krakoa by Xavier, on the team, it seems like there truly are some big changes coming post-Inferno.


Again, no new details here but Ben Percy, whose run on the book has produced the best work on Wolverine in decades, will continue on. Wolverine will continue in April with issue 20 that will, apparently, feature Deadpool who has been notably absent from the X-line for the most part.

New Mutants

This looks like a potential continuation as well with Vita Ayala and Rod Reis working on issue #25 which is headed to stores in August. The description of the book, which can be read in full below, calls it a “perfect jumping-on point”for new readers.

THE LABORS OF MAGIK START HERE! The big two-five is here – and it’s the perfect jumping-on point for fans new and old! Illyana Rasputin is the Sorcerer Supreme and the rightful queen of Limbo…but she’s been awfully busy on Krakoa. Someone’s got their eye on the throne – and Magik isn’t the only queen in mutantdom. Vita Ayala and Rod Reis rekindle an old flame for a whole new generation of Magik lovers

X-Men Red

A Storm-centric book launching in April, X-Men Red will see Al Ewing and Stefano Caselli team up to tell the story of the Regent of Arakko defend the Red Planet.

Additional Titles

And while they were not teased as Destiny of X books, fans of the X-books can also look forward to a Gambit solo series, which sees the return of legendary X-Men writer and Gambit creator Chris Claremont, who will be working with artist Sid Kotian, and Giant-Size X-Men: Thunderbird, written by Steve Orlando and Nyla Rose, which will tell the tale of the newly resurrected John Proudstar.

More information on all these titles will be available when the full April solicitations are revealed in January.

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