What to Expect from Marvel Studios at SDCC ’22

After Kevin Feige revealed they were headed back to San Diego, we look at what Marvel Studios might bring with them

Marvel Studios has confirmed it will have a presence in Hall H for the first time since 2019. Kevin Feige once said the studio wouldn’t go to SDCC if they couldn’t over-deliver, so fans must be in for a bit of a treat this July. What can fans expect? What should they not expect? Let’s think it through…

A Major She-Hulk Presence

The surest of sure things is that Marvel Studios’ presentation will have a heavy dose of their next big thing: the Disney Plus streaming series She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. By the time SDCC rolls around, it’ll have been about 2 months since the first full-length trailer for the series dropped, so a fresh trailer certainly makes sense given the series will begin streaming four weeks after SDCC. Marvel Studios always likes to have cast members on stage for SDCC presentations, so don’t be too surprised if star Tatiana Maslany shows up and, if they really want to blow the roof off of Hall H, Charlie Cox.

First Look at Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

black panther tenoch huerta

The next surest thing for Hall H is that a good chunk of time will be devoted to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Marvel Studios’ final film of 2022. SDCC is just a month away and not so much as a teaser for the film has been released yet. That may change over the next couple of weeks as Marvel Studios could choose to release something online that would also play in front of Thor: Love and Thunder, or they could simply choose to wait and make waves at SDCC. It also seems likely that the cast of the film could be on stage, as was the case with Eternals in 2019, and Marvel Studios could finally acknowledge that Tenoch Huerta will be the MCU’s Namor, in addition to revealing some other cast members who will still be a surprise to general audiences who don’t follow things too closely.

Disney Plus Updates

Marvel Studios has a second season of What If…? that should be ready to go at some point in 2022, 3 live-action projects that have completed principal photography (Secret Invasion, Werewolf By Night and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special) and 3 others that are in production now (Echo, Loki Season 2 and Ironheart). Should fans expect major news about every one of those projects? Absolutely not, but some cast reveals and some first look footage would go a long way for pretty much any of them because nothing official from Marvel Studios has been revealed about any of them save Echo.

It’s All About Phasing

Marvel Studios’ fans sure seem to love big timeline photos even though the reality is that they’re subject to change. There’s been a lot of Phase 4/Phase 5 talk lately and Feige recently said he’d be showing fans a “tiny, tiny, tiny bit more of the roadmap” in the coming months. So will there be a full Phase 5 reveal? Unlikely. But could Feige give fans a cool looking timeline for the rest of 2022 and for 2023? Sure.

The Over-Deliver

So far, nothing listed above would be either surprising or all that exciting for fans who are always starving for more. In 2019, the “over-deliver” was certainly the reveal that Mahershala Ali would be leading the Blade reboot. So what’s in store for 2022? The 2023 slate is 75% known and it’s widely believed that Blade will take the other spot. There are four dates blocked off for 2024, though no films have been assigned to them at the time this article is written. However, it’s expected that Fantastic Four and Thunderbolts are going to be two of them, so any news about another 2024 film would be pretty major. If he really wants to make a big enough bang that will carry over until D23, he could announce anything mutant-related or reveal whatever they’re calling the Secret Wars adaptation that fans are all expecting to be the Endgame of this new saga. There’s no way for us to know exactly what Feige will do, but the safe bet is that he’ll drop something major at SDCC, but keep many more big reveals in the bag for D23, which we continue to hear is going to be an absolute blast.

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