5 Reasons Why Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk Would Make the Best MCU Team-Up

There’s a term in baseball to describe an all-around great player. You can describe it as someone who can do a bit of everything. Hitting, defense, athleticism, intangibles, and a great locker room presence combined. That’s a five-tool player. In the MCU, Iman Vellani is a five-tool player. 

With a report circulating that Ms. Marvel is getting a Season 2, the idea of expansion immediately came to mind: give Kamala Khan more to do. Embiggen her role! Yes, we’re getting The Marvels next July and that should be a grand team-up. However, let’s think beyond that; let’s think bigger. There are so many fun stories that can be told with Ms. Marvel by teaming her up with other characters, but one mean, green and straight poured into these jeans hero stands out.

As we’re more than halfway through She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, it’s truly been a refresher for the MCU. In terms of storytelling, humor, and tv structure it’s hitting home on a lot of levels. So you’re probably asking yourself why Jennifer Walters and Kamala Khan would work together. Let’s break it down.

  1. A Vacation Visit!

         Early in Season 1, Bruno Carrelli got accepted to Cal Tech. That’s not far from Los Angeles so if Kamala wanted to visit her pal it’s incredibly convenient storyline-wise. Set season 2 during the summertime. The Khans can go on a family vacation. You can continue to explore the Bruno/Kamala dynamic and potential romance whilst Ms. Marvel fights crime in the city of angels.

2. The defense will not rest 

         Let’s say the Wrecking Crew decides to stick around, or any other type of villain. One particular one that comes to mind is Graviton. Give him an introduction here as a villain that maybe a future West Coast Avengers team would have to contend with. In this instance, Ms. Marvel enters the fray and in the midst of fighting accidentally damages some property. Kamala gets sued by the owners of the building. She’s gonna need a really good lawyer. Enter She-Hulk.

3. Banter and character development

         Just imagine if you dropped the Khans in She-Hulk’s world. It’d be such an incredible fit. As we presume Kamala and Jennifer would share some camaraderie we could get a great dual-family dinner. So many questions about superhumans, and maybe mutants? Yusuf and Morris as well as Muneeba and Elaine’s banter would be exquisite. Add a court case into the mix and you have the bones of a really fun season of TV. Jen can be a bit of a mentor to Kamala, and in-kind Kamala’s heroic nature might rub off on Jen. 

4. Shang-Chi and Ms. Marvel meet

 With the plot thread from Season 1 seeing the Ten Rings symbol, Shang-Chi’s inclusion would be quite the tease. With She-Hulk already referencing the events of Shang-Chi, there’s an immediate connection. Charles Murphy, in a past team-up, mentioned Ms. Marvel and Shang-Chi as characters he wanted to see together. If Marvel wanted to push their story forward, that would be a very fun way to begin that relationship.

5. Kamala, go break that fourth wall!

 The fourth wall breaks in She-Hulk have been exceptional thus far. Granted, it’s not something that’s for everyone. However, if there’s anyone who can do it, Iman Vellani fits the bill. It’s hard not to laugh in advance as Jen and Kamala disagree on something and then it’s Kamala who breaks the fourth wall instead. That would be comedy gold.

Ms. Marvel can tell many stories in its second season, but this version would be the talk of the MCU for a long time if it ever came to pass.

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