Other Projects in Development

Marvel Studios always has dozens of projects at various stages of development. Some are feature films, some are D+ original series and some may never make it out of development.


In September 2023, Marvel Studios began taking pitches for their X-Men reboot.

Doctor Strange 3

In 2023, rumors of the Strange threequel adapting Marvel Comics Time Runs Out emerged online.

Thor 5

Marvel Studios seems keen on developing a fifth Thor film, though director Taika Waititi will not be returning to helm the new film.


First discovered to be in the works in 2020, the project still seemed to be alive in some capacity in late 2023.

Black Panther 3

Though it’s yet to be officially announced, star Letitia Wright revealed that work on a follow up to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever had already begun.

Eternals 2

Midnight Suns

Secret Warriors

Ghost Rider

The Illuminati

Young Avengers

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