A24’s ‘Hazbin Hotel’ Shares Updated Look at Alastor, The Radio Demon

hazbin hotel alastor

Not too long ago, we got our first look at the upcoming A24 series adapting Hazbin Hotel as a series. We got a new look at Charlie Morningstar’s new redesign as she got a few nice updates for the upcoming production. That wasn’t all, as we now also got a first look at the updated design for Alastor, The Radio Demon. The character that talks as if he’s speaking through a 1930s radio became quite the fan-favorite from the initial pilot episode pitch.

He looks mostly untouched with just some added flourishes to his suit, such as the white accents. Creator Vivienne Medrano has jokingly also pointed out that he got to keep his “dumb haircut.” It was a standout character in the pilot and had a great design from the get-go, so it’s good they didn’t change much. We still haven’t seen any footage and hopefully, he also got to keep his iconic voice, but with Medrano’s involvement, they’ll surely keep elements such as that.

Overall, a great design and hopefully we’ll slowly get a look at the rest of the cast before they finally drop a trailer. For now, there’s still Helluva Boss to check out on YouTube as we wait for an official release of any update for the series. It’ll offer a different take on hell and promises a cast of colorful characters that all are trying to get rehabilitated. At least that’s what Charlie wants, Alastor might have some other plans.

Source: Twitter

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