Paul Dano Writing a New ‘The Batman’ Prequel Comic on Riddler

the batman riddler

The Batman finally released giving us a look at a superhero noir storyline, as Paul Dano‘s Riddler makes Bruce Wayne’s life a living hell. While we do learn quite a bit about the character, there’s a lot of history on how he created his elaborate traps and plans that we haven’t explored. Luckily, it seems that DC Comics had the same thought and revealed a new comic titled Riddler: Year One. Besides the clich√© “YEar One” naming, what stands out is that the Riddler himself, Paul Dano, will be writing the storyline of the character he brought to life on the silver screen.

The idea makes sense, and it seems very unlikely we’d get a spinoff series on HBO Max focused on the Riddler. So, it’s a great way to further explore his character and maybe even drop a few hints about his future in the newly established Batverse from Matt Reeves. As of now, only Colin Farrell‘s Penguin is getting his spinoff, as HBO Max officially announced it shortly after The Batman‘s release. We also know that another series is in development that will focus on Arkham, which originally was going to be about the GCPD but changed throughout production. It was the first series in development but seemingly production has been dragged out quite a bit. We’ll see what the cinematic future has in store for Dano‘s Riddler.

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