EXCLU: ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ Game in Development

Here’s a fascinating find. It looks like a game is in development that is based on the Detective Murdoch series, which was written by British Canadian writer Maureen Jennings. Long time fans might recognize the TV series that has been running since 2008. It is the story of fictional police detective William Murdoch, who worked in Toronto during the late 19th century. Some American viewers might recognize them as The Artful Detective, which ran on the Ovation network. The series just recently got nominated for three Canadian Screen Awards. The show is still rolling with it recently finishing up production on its 14th season.

Now, Shaftesbury Murdoch XIII Inc. is currently producing a brand new video game based on the property. The interesting aspect is that they are filming live-action sequences. They are actively looking for actors that will portray various background characters, who will act as the victims in the murder mystery. The game will take place during the 1920s, as they are going to provide appropriate clothing before capturing their likeness via the 3D capture technology. It also highlights that they have no lines, so they most likely will just be used as reference material, as they also only aim to shoot for about an hour.

It is uncertain if this game will feature the show’s main star Yannick Bisson in the role. The title given to the project is closer to the series than the books. So, there is a good chance this will act as a video game adaptation of the TV series. It also looks like this will most likely be a mobile game, as it is described as a murder mystery video game or app. They might be developing the game to release alongside the show’s upcoming fourteenth season, which may act as a side story for fans to enjoy. It is always great to the synergy between ongoing series like this, so hopefully, it can capture the spirit that kept the show going strong.

Source: CBC, Twitter

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