Dany Garcia on Easter Eggs and THAT End Credit Scene in ‘Black Adam’

Black Adam stands to serve both as an introduction to a new cast of DC characters and as a bridge to the pieces of the existing DC Universe that Warner Bros. intends to keep on the board as they move forward. Dwayne Johnson’s Teth-Adam is innately connected to Zachary Levi’s Shazam, but the new film won’t feature Shazam. Rather, it features a modern-day version of the Justice Society of America lead by Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman and Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate, characters who might well find themselves, or other versions of themselves, returning down the road. Meanwhile, Johnson has all but confirmed the return of Henry Cavill as Superman and he might not be the only character from another project who shows up.

If it seems like a lot for one project, it is, but early word is that the film handles it wonderfully, working to respect what’s been done before while also setting up a different future than many might have imagined. In an interview at Black Adam’s premiere, Dany Garcia, who co-founded Seven Bucks Productions with Johnson, gave some insight into how they pulled it off and what fans might expect.

I think they’re going to see all of the nods. They’re going to see the respect that we have for the character. They’re gonna find the easter eggs, and they’re gonna see an end credit that speaks to the past but acknowledges what’s to come.

Dany Garcia

As the greater DC Universe continues to face uncertainty in the wake of project cancellations, shifts in leadership and issues with some of their talent, it seems that Black Adam will be more than capable of holding down the fort now and in the future.

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