EXCLUSIVE: Luke Evans on Redemption for King Merriman

In a recent interview with actor Luke Evans, he discussed the chances of King Merriman being redeemed on Crossing Swords.

Amongst the colorful cast of characters in Crossing Swords, it’s pretty obvious early on that they’re all very bad people. The show is ultimately about a young man named Patrick who is clawing his way through the mud, trying to be the best squire and future knight that he can be. Of course, under the heel of King Merriman, though, it’s a bit harder as he’s just an awful ruler. 

While making the press rounds to promote the second season, we had the chance to talk with Luke Evans on his character, King Merriman. During our interview, we asked if he felt there could ever be redemption on the rise for him, specifically after botching Chill Society, a gathering of royals from around the lands that hosted by a different king each year. For Evans, the actor doesn’t think it’s going to happen as he’s just a bad person overall.

Redemption? He’s going to hell, that guys going to Hell. Yeah, he’s not living on the same planet as everyone else, he thinks he can get away with anything and sorta does. He is like the worst kind of King, the worst kind of leader. The wrong person with power and money and ego. You know, I mean what he does in season 2, I can’t even start to begin to imagine what you will be thinking of him by the end of episode 10.

That’s the fun of it, you have to have someone like King Merriman in a story like this. I mean he sorta just fits the bill in all the wrong ways, and I think that’s where the joy of him comes from and the fact that you laugh at the things he’s saying. You shouldn’t really be laughing at those things, but isn’t that the fun of adult animation?

Luke Evans

Those that have watched the series, of course, will note Evans is right in his description of King Merriman. He’s a terrible character that doesn’t deserve redemption, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

To get more of Evan’s boisterous performance as King Merriman, make sure to check out season 2 of Crossing Swords, streaming now on Hulu.

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