‘She-Hulk’ Episode 3 Includes A Potential Captain America Connection

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Falcon/Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) in Marvel Studios’ THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Through three episodes She-Hulk has already made a habit of sneaking in comic book characters and Easter eggs in addition to tying itself into all corners of the MCU. The A plot of Episode 3, “The People vs. Emil Blonsky”, focused on one of the MCU’s oldest villains in Tim Roth’s the Abomination and, in doing so, may have brought a Captain America connection to light.

Episode 3 picks up right where Episode 2 left off with Jen confronting Blonsky about his breakout from prison, which was captured on camera and has become national news. Since Jen was working on Blonsky’s potential parole, the footage is kind of an issue. Jen’s status as a female superhero lawyer and the bad news footage of Blonsky fighting Wong quickly become talking points for all the talking heads of the world (the writers created a WONDERFUL satire of the real world in this episode), including one by the name of Jefferson Coop, played by Mahdi Cocci. As part of his show, The Conversation, Coop interviews the prosecutor who put Blonsky behind bars all those years ago after his rampage in Harlem. And, as it turns out, that prosecutor has some big-time connections!

The prosecutor, played by Jason Turner, goes by the name of Gideon Wilson. In the comics, Gideon Wilson is the name of both Sam Wilson’s brother who has some pretty significant connections to gamma-related characters. While Sam’s sister, Sarah, was introduced in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, no mention was made of another sibling. Like in the comics, the Wilsons were born in Harlem, however, it has also been established that they moved to Louisiana where they were raised. While it’s not made clear in the episode if Gideon is indeed Sam’s brother, it’s possible he moved back to Harlem to pursue his law career where he was born. So for now it’s best to take it as a cool Easter egg and keep an eye on whether or not Gideon pops back up in the future. Either way, Jessica Gao and company certainly have displayed a knack for dropping in some wonderful comic book connections!

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