Matthew Vaughn Open to Tackle a ‘Star Wars’ Film

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Matthew Vaughn is currently promoting his latest film, The King’s Man, which acts as a prequel to his popular Kingsman franchise. It seems though that before he brought the iconic franchise to the silver screen, he was in love with the idea of tackling a project for Lucasfilm, especially as part of the Star Wars franchise. Screen Rant got a chance to ask about his interest in potentially tackling a project, while also looking back at the sequel trilogy’s release by Disney.

If you’d asked me that 10 years ago, I would have given Kingsman to Lucasfilm for free to get a go shooting a Star Wars film. So yes, I would have loved to [have] done a Star Wars film, which was part of the Skywalker saga, is all I can say. It sort of feels like that’s been decimated, or whatever the word is for that thing. But yeah, Star Wars is a really important movie to me. I mean, I thought I liked films, and then I saw Star Wars…So, never say never…So the answer is, if they really wanted a new, proper Star Wars film, a proper one, a Star Wars movie that could be its own thing, I wouldn’t say no, just have a go with a lightsaber…So, I don’t know. When they were looking for a director for the next Indiana Jones, it did pique my interest.

He’s made quite an interesting statement on the case of the sequels and their quality. Plus, his love for LucasFilm highlights how deep their films have become a part of our cultural consciousness, especially with many of us growing up with it. He continues to highlight that:

I was like, “Oh my God, to make an Indy would be great.” But Star Wars, yeah, I think out of all the IP I’m not involved with, Star Wars would always get my attention. If they rang — they’ve never rang me up, they’ve got no interest in working with me, just to be very clear. I think I’m probably a little bit too — what’s the word? — Maverick, maybe? But I promise, if I did it, I would do — I’m not saying no one tries to make a good film, a bad film — but I would be meticulous on trying to protect the legacy of something that I fell in love with movies for. So the answer is a very long-winded answer. But yes, I’d like to.

Star Wars is definitely an interesting project to tackle for any director given its many influences that establish a unique take on space operas. We’ve also slowly seen them expand into new ventures like Star Wars: Visions, which might be a sign they are expanding in unique ways. Though delays have recently also hinted at a lot of discussions internally. So, we’ll see what the future has in store for the franchise and hopefully, Vaughn gets a chance to make a dream come true.

Source: ScreenRant

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