EXCLUSIVE: Yvette Nichole Brown on Bringing Her Character to Life in ‘Crossing Swords’ Season 2

yvette nichole brown crossing swords

Crossing Swords has a ton of characters, who are all so different and unique in their very own ways. As such, the kingdom is full of oddballs, and we’re not just talking about the Royal family. one of these citizens is played by Yvette-Nichole Brown, who many are familiar with for her work on series like Community, Drake & Josh, or even her cameo in Avengers: Endgame. She also isn’t a stranger to voice roles either, and Crossing Swords might have the actress in her most vulgar performance yet. We had a chance to talk with Yvette Nichole Brown on the upcoming second season and got to ask her in what kind of headspace she is to bring such an outlandish character to life.

I mentally decided that she speaks like a Baptist preacher. So, she’s always, you know, just about to take you to the mountain top every time she speaks. The problem is: there’s no substance to what she’s saying. So, she’s giving it to ya, and she’s giving you the fire, but she’s talking about monkeys and craziness and pubic hairs, all kinds of stuff that you would never hear in a church or anywhere. So, I like the dichotomy of that, that she’s speaking with purpose about things that don’t matter. So, that’s how I found her.

Yvette Nichole Brown

As a follow-up, we asked how Brown would like to see her character progress in the series, and gave the perfect answer for someone like Sgt. Meghan.

You know, I kinda love that she pops in when you least expect. […] I kinda feel like shes coming off of vacation. She just pops in, right? She’s always either about to go on vacation or coming back from vacation. So, she misses most of the shenanigans and she comes in right before crap is about to hit the fan and she tries “a little bit” to make it better. So, I think she’s in it about enough.

Yvette Nichole Brown

Brown‘s presence in the show, while it may not be a huge role, is definitely a memorable one. She does perfectly summarizes how her character plays into the story and she’s always a blast once she enters the screen. Here’s hoping that in a possible third season we’ll get a lot more from Sgt. Meghan.

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