Funko Reveals ‘One Piece’ Funko of the Going Merry Heading to New York Comic-Con

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New York Comic-Con is just on the horizon and we’re slowly getting a few teases of what merchandise will be available for fans attending the event. Not only did we get our first look at Secret Invasion‘s Nick Fury due to their reveal, but it seems that One Piece fans are also getting something fun. As part of Funko’s Frightmare on Fun Street, there will be a new Funko POP! Ride that’ll feature Luffy on top of the Going Merry.

Being teased as a “Super Deluxe” edition and limited for NYCC, this new Funko Pop will definitely be a must-buy for One Piece fans and collectors. It would be fun if they follow it up with a version of the Sunny or even the rest of the crew aboard the ship they initially joined the crew with.

One Piece has currently seen quite a resurgence in popularity in the West. The franchise has sold more than Batman within 25 years mostly by dominating the Japanese and even French market; a reason the Red film has released there early while the rest of the world has to wait until October. There’s also the live-action adaptation that’s on the horizon which will add a potential boost to its popularity moving forward. So, it’s a perfect opportunity to bank on the franchise’s growing success by also giving them a bit more spotlight even during NYCC. Who knows if Netflix is also already preparing for a round of merchandise fo their own adaptation to accompany it once we get more news on the project.

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