The Hypothetical 2025 Marvel Studios Release Calendar, V1

In March of 2022, it was reported that Sabir Pirzada, who worked with Marvel Studios on both Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel, was developing a Nova project with the studio. The trade report indicated that it was unclear whether or not Pirzada’s work was for a film or streaming series and, as of publishing, that was still unclear. However, Prizada’s current track record with Marvel allows one to lean towards expecting a series about The Human Rocket.

Confidence is high that Destin Daniel Cretton’s sequel to 2021’s Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings will hit theaters ahead of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. It seems like Cretton and star Simu Liu are going to be very busy starting in 2023.

When the search for an actress to portray Kamala Khan was ongoing, a rumor indicated that whoever would eventually take on the role would have a pretty heavy workload that would consist of Season 1, a film, and Season 2 all being filmed over the course of 3 years. If that rumor still holds any water, Iman Vellani is going to find herself on set for Season 2 of Ms. Marvel sometime in the next year so that she can also be available to fit Avengers: The Kang Dynasty into her schedule. It would not be incredibly surprising if this were among the announcements made during either Disney Plus Day or Marvel Studios’ Showcase at D23.

It’s been a long, long time since our original scoop that Marvel Studios was developing a Nomad project. However, no news does not always equal bad news. Confidence is high that Nomad is still in development and is intended to be included as part of the Multiverse Saga.

The first of what is currently set to be a 2025 Avengers double-feature, The Kang Dynasty might just have a lot to do with some of the artifacts fans have already seen in some of Phase 4’s early projects. It remains to be seen, but it’s very possible that both Ms. Marvel and Shang-Chi’s accessories might play major roles in the Multiverse Saga.

A second Moon Knight season seems a sure thing. Star Oscar Isaac and director Mohamed Diab have teased it. Fans are hungry for it. There’s no reason Kevin Feige doesn’t announce it at D23…unless it’s not happening. That would be a good reason not to announce it.

At this point, why not? Rumors about this film have dried up, but a recent piece of information that Marvel Studios may regain the distribution rights to live-action Hulk films does give some hope that it might come to fruition. Bruce Banner’s trip to Sakaar in Episode 2 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is right in line with the earliest rumors I ever heard about what will essentially be a prelude to this film, but we’ll have to wait until Episode 9 to find out if Marvel Studios is going forward with this project…unless they decide to grace fans with a Hulk-sized gift at D23.


While it’s not a Disney project and won’t be announced at D23, it wouldn’t be shocking at all to see Spider-Man 4 hit theaters in the space between Marvel Studios May 2nd film and their November 7th film.

According to the Phase 6 slate unveiled by Kevin Feige at SDCC ’22, there’s one spot left to fill and, to be honest, there isn’t enough strong info around any one project to confidently place it here. With that in mind, rumors of a Harry Styles-led Starfox project made the rounds some time ago, and while I initially dismissed them, I was told by someone I trust that to keep an ear to the ground as there might be some fire to that smoke. So while we’d set the odds very low here (I’d say under a 1% chance this is correct), it’s as good of a guess as any.

The capstone of the Multiverse Saga, fans should expect Marvel Studios to pull out all the stops for this one and for it to include all the bells and whistles, including possibly bringing back some of the biggest stars from the Infinity Saga. It could also serve as a way for the studio to reset things with new actors in old roles, old actors in new roles, or any manner of shenanigans.

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