First Look at New ‘She-Hulk’ Funko for Wong

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While the last episode of She-Hulk, Attorney at Law was mostly focused on the grand return of Tim Roth‘s Emil Blonsky, the internet has been ablaze with excitement for the return of Benedict Wong‘s Wong. The character has had the most cameos since the start of Phase 4 with many fans even dubbing it the Wong Cinematic Universe as a recurring joke. Now, the character is getting his own Funko as part of the new She-Hulk collection.

As shared by Funko, we get a first look at what his new Funko will look like and it’s quite a fun design. Not only does he have the magical portal ring surrounding him but he also seemingly has magic weapons in his hand. As he didn’t have a fighting role in the last episode, it may be a hint that this is from an upcoming episode. So, we might get a bit more Wong action in the Disney+ series alongside She-Hulk in the near future.

It’ll be interesting to see who else we might get in Funko form, especially with just how many characters are being introduced in this Disney+ series. We still have quite a few episodes to go and with the tease of various iconic Marvel characters on the horizon, we’ll have to see if everyone will get a Funko. Daredevil seems like the obvious addition to get one, and given the hype surrounding Charlie Cox‘s return it does seem like Disney wouldn’t waste the chance to get that one out as fast as possible with his new yellow costume.

Source: Twitter

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