EXCLUSIVE: Larry the Cable Guy Teases New Aspects of Mater in ‘Cars on the Road’

cars on the road mater

The Disney+ shows from iconic franchises have become the best jumping-off point for us to explore characters we’ve spent years with from a new perspective. While Marvel explored many iconic characters, Pixar is using this opportunity as well with the upcoming Cars on the Road adaptation. Lightning McQueen and Mater are off on a road trip to visit his sister; a new addition to the franchise.

In an exclusive interview with Murphy’s Multiverse, Larry the Cable Guy shared what it was like getting to explore new aspects of this iconic character. Though, while he’s excited to get a new look at Mater’s family history, he’s, even more, excited for people to see new dynamics between him and Owen Wilson‘s McQueen.

There’s so many things that people will learn from it I think. Another cool aspect, Mater and McQueen: you see them in the movies, there’s a scene with them there, then McQueen’s out with Sally. But Mater and McQueen are together the whole time, it’s Mater and McQueen. And so, just like any best friends, you’ll see some stuff like generally Mater and McQueen don’t get mad at each other, [but] they have a couple of tiffs. But the cool thing about it is, in the end, they’re best buddies and there’s no way, nothing, that’ll separate that friendship.

Larry the Cable Guy

He also praised how the great thing about this show is that it gives them more time together, and lets us get a better look at their dynamic beyond just the brief sequences we have in the films. The road trip concept also forces these two friends to hang out together quite a bit and even explore their dynamic from new perspectives, such as seeing them end up in some fights.

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