Funko Pop! Reveals New Look at ‘Secret Invasion’ Character

Marvel Studios is adapting one of Marvel Comics craziest event series in Secret Invasion. Expected to stream early in 2023, Marvel Studios Secret Invasion has been billed as a paranoia-filled spy thriller. And in the MCU, if spy games are involved, THE spy will be there. Samuel L. Jackson has been attached to the project since its earliest days (in fact, the series was initially described as a Nick Fury project) and while there hasn’t been much in the way of promotion, the actor has been front and center for what has been shown. Now, as part of a series of reveals of Funko Pops! that will be available at NYCC, a new look at Jackson’s Fury has been unleashed!

As of the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Fury was known to be in space working with a group of friendly Skrulls while Talos was simming him on Earth. Secret Invasion will see Fury back on Earth, but becoming aware that not all Skrulls’ interests are aligned with those of Talos. Crew merch that surfaced earlier this year seemed to indicate that at least part of the comic event’s plot, which centered around a Skrull god and a prophecy that the Skrulls were destined to rule Earth, should make its way into the streaming series, perhaps hinting at the identity of some of the rivals Skrulls. It’s also recently been revealed that some of the events and characters look to be inspired by a recent comic miniseries titled Meet the Skrulls. So while the full plot hasn’t been revealed (fans are hopeful a trailer for Secret Invasion will come out of the upcoming D23 Expo), it seems that Nick Fury will have a a pretty full plate.

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