‘Gotham Knights’ Finally Gets an October Release Date

gotham knights release

Before there is any confusion, the Gotham Knights in question is the game by Warner Bros. Montréal and not the CW series in production with the same name. It’s been quite the wait for the next entry in the Batman gaming franchise that was started by Rocksteady with Arkham Asylum. While Gotham Knights will take a different direction, many core elements from the teams’ experience on Arkham Origins will carry over. Players will get a chance to try it out when it releases on the 25th of October 2022.

The game, as far as we know, will let you play as Red Hood, Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl. We got our first gameplay during the first-ever DC FanDome, which teased a brawler-style game where you can freely explore a neon-take on Gotham. There are elements from the original Arkham series that are included, but still, try to take a different approach that fits the younger members of the Bat-family. The only confirmed threats are Mr. Freeze and the Court of Owl, who might have closer ties to the sudden death of Bruce Wayne. This is our first real update on the game in quite some time. So, hopefully, they can stick to this new release date.

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