‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Turns in Senses-Shattering 24 Hour Pre-Sales

spiderman no way home sales

The most anticipated film of 2021 had a pretty intense first day of presales. According to Fandango, Spider-Man: No Way Home’s first 24 hours of presales eclipsed presales for Black Widow in just 2 hours and then went on to pass Avengers: Endgame, a film that had the largest domestic opening weekend on record. These numbers are quite impressive, as the last Avengers entry went on to premiere at $357.1M in its opening weekend.

Reports suggest that the threequel sold over 3 million tickets on presale for more than $35M in sales. If those numbers are accurate, No Way Home will have sold 20 times the amount of tickets either Black Widow or Eternals sold within the same timespan. It managed to beat out Black Widow‘s numbers in just two hours. As such, there are already theories out there that this may be our first film to pass the billion mark since the pandemic started.

It looks like Sony’s strategy has paid off, as they’ve been still keeping a lid on all leaked or rumored stories surrounding the threequel. What is noteworthy is that the nostalgia factor of the returning villains and the potential appearance of former Spider-Men might be quite the draw for audiences. It’ll be interesting to see how it keeps up that momentum once reviews hit the internet.

Source: A Trade

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