HBO Max’s ‘Green Lantern’ Audition Tapes Leaked

The HBO Max Green Lantern show is by far one of the most anticipated projects that’ll be coming to the streaming service. After last month’s announcement, many fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for any casting information on the show. The show’s cast of characters was confirmed to include the likes of Guy Gardner, Alan Scott, Jessica Cruz, and Simon Baz. They are also introducing an original character, Bree Jarta, who is half-human and half-alien. It seems like casting is indeed underway and could even possibly be finalized for some characters, as audition tapes have made their way online. Here are two that are offering fans a taste of what they can expect from the cast, such as Alan Scott and Bree Jarta.


The scene features Jarta, who we can only assume is speaking with a Guardian or dispatch of some sort on Oa, as she attempts to talk her way onto a search mission for the Dominators. This sequence seems to follow what sounds like a hostage situation that resulted in multiple fatalities of other Lanterns. The audition tape would match the rumors that the Dominators will be one of the era’s antagonists.

The second Jarta scene offers us a much better look into her character. She’s confronted some people in a local diner in Florida. It looks like her partner Guy Gardner may have provoked some. They are set to be the lanterns of the ’80s storyline in the show. They will likely be facing the Dominators throughout the show. It looks like the tension between the two will also play into it, as they definitely won’t be getting along. Their two personalities will clash throughout their story, as one is headstrong and the other hard-headed. The Guardians created a duo that’s sure to spark some problems down the road. The tape also highlights the racism that Jarta faces in the diner, as she notes the Confederate flags, the attitude of the waitress, and the glares she gets from other patrons. It’s great to see the show highlighting broader topics than just the usual clash between good and evil.

The final tape features Alan Scott, who we know as the Green Lantern of the Golden Age. He is a founding member of the Justice Society of America. It does seem unlikely that he’ll be involved with them in this series. Since the first report, we’ve learned that Scott will be an LGBTQ character with his storyline taking place in the ’40s. Being a member of such a community could cost someone their life during that era. It also revealed that Scott is an active police officer and a rather good one at that. The press is interviewing him after he took down a local mob boss. We see how frantic Scott is when someone even jokes about him possibly being queer. Not even his Green Lantern ring can give him a feeling of safety in a time full of so much prejudice and discrimination.

Green Lantern is set to begin filming sometime next year and will stream exclusively on HBO Max. The show will focus on several lanterns spanning decades, as each one faces a new threat, whether that be a personal one or on a galactic scale. The show is being written by Marc Guggenheim and Seth Grahame-Smith. It is yet another show to fall within Greg Berlanti’s umbrella of DC content that he’s amassed since the beginning of Arrow.

Source: Vimeo (Alan Scott), Vimeo (Jarta 1), Vimeo (Jarta 2)

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