How Disney+ May Change She-Hulk’s Comic Origin

she hulk origin

The first trailer for She-Hulk has finally arrived, and while some are focused on the rough CG, there is still a lot to take away from the trailer. We’ve already explored some of the Easter eggs such as an Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes reference or its old logo being reused. Now, there’s also one thing the trailer seemingly gives away if you look closely and that may be Jennifer Walter’s origin story before turning into She-Hulk.

In the comics, Walters actually gets shot by Nicholas Trask, who also killed her mother. It was also someone that was after her as she had proclaimed she had evidence to put him behind bars while defending another gangster in court. After being seriously wounded, she was visiting her cousin Bruce Banner at the time who swiftly came to give her a blood transfusion, as there was no other option. This event led to her entering the metaphysical Green Door and was revived; now with the ability to transform similar to her cousin.

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It’s unclear if the Green Door and Below-Place might become integral to her origin, as it is a part of the multiverse ruled by an evil entity that wants to destroy the Multiverse. Yet, the trailer does offer at least a glimpse at how they’ll twist her actual origin. It doesn’t seem like she’ll be shot but they are going a Doctor Strange route, as we can see a car drive off the road early in the trailer.

The timing and environment are also quite interesting, as it seems like wherever she ends up off-road isn’t too far from where she met up with her cousin Bruce in his Professor Hulk form. She seemingly is bringing him some kind of document and it does seem like they’ll reconnect before she faces the harsh transformation. Perhaps the part that remains is that she is involved with a legal case before getting the blood transfusion, and it could be connected to Emil Blonsky.

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We briefly see him in the trailer in his human form before we get a brief tease of his transformation into Abomination. Perhaps that is in the opening of the series, where she is part of the new Superhero Law division and ends up having to defend her own cousin due to him suing him. While we remember that he did it to himself in The Incredible Hulk, perhaps Hulk was supposed to help him get this transformation under control but bailed to use it on himself.

No matter what, some lawsuit brings her to visit her cousin and she ends up in a car crash that may be the kick-off for her having to learn and control her abilities. Now, we do see a brief sequence of her transforming and looking into the damaged car, which could hint at her already having the Gamma radiation in her bloodstream. So, perhaps it’s not the traditional blood transfusion but an accident in their earlier meeting that led to it. So, we can’t rule out that maybe she drank something she wasn’t supposed to and ends up hulking out as a result. While we can only theorize, for now, the trailer does offer enough teases to potentially put together the puzzle on her revamped origin.

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