James Gunn to Introduce “One of the Greatest MCU Characters” in Guardians Holiday Special

As we draw nearer to the release of the Disney Plus series The Book of Boba Fett, it’s appropriate to reflect on the now iconic character’s humble origins. Fett first appeared briefly in the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special before having the briefest of appearances in The Empire Strikes Back and then, inexplicably, developing such a cult following that he is now one of the faces…helmets?…of the franchise and set to star in his own series. With Marvel Studios now heading down the holiday special route with the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special set for 2022, a fan asked director James Gunn if he would use the show to introduce any new characters to the MCU. Gunn not only answered, he also gave fans a reason to be even more excited about the event.

Gunn’s always interacted with fans and isn’t one to make promises he can’t keep, so it’s great to see him come out with this here knowing he’ll follow through. It’s nearly impossible to predict, however, just to whom Gunn may be referring. No corner of Marvel’s comic book universe has been more underrepresented on screen than the Cosmic one, with thousands of characters-and at least a few dozen of them memorable-from which to choose. Should Gunn chose to take inspiration directly from the Star Wars special and introduce a bounty hunter to the MCU, a character like Monark Starstalker (who is 100% tailor-made for Gunn’s buddy Nathan Fillion) could be a possibility. If he wants to go another route and introduce a character he’s expressed his love for in the past, Gunn could bring Beta Ray Bill, a character for whom he has professed his love in the past, to the MCU, making fans incredibly happy. Whoever the character is, they’ll have one helluva time following the impressive trail blazed by Boba.

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