George Lucas Nearly Gave General Grievous a Very Different Origin

Over the course of the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, an ongoing feud was established between Obi-Wan Kenobi and the cybernetic Separatist General Grievous. Star Wars fans will remember well how the feud ended but some interesting new comments from series’ writer Henry Gilroy indicate it could have started much differently.

I’m an interview with /Film, Gilroy revealed that while crafting Grievous’ origins, Star Wars creator George Lucas initially considered giving him a much more personal connection to Kenobi.

George was considering that Grievous was Maul behind the armor plate. It made sense. He’s cut in half, and he’s in this robot body or whatever. I’m glad that Grievous is his own thing anyway, but I thought it was interesting that the concept guys almost talked George into that

Henry Gilroy

Maul and Kenobi’s paths first crossed on Naboo where Kenobi and his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, battled the Dathomirian Sith Lord. After Maul killed Jinn, Kenobi avenged his Master’s death by cutting the Sith in half, apparently ending his story. Obviously, Lucas went in an entirely different direction with Grievous instead, choosing to craft his origins from scratch which also allowed for the creators of The Clone Wars and Rebels to find a way to bring Maul back into canon. Maul’s rage and ongoing feud with Kenobi served as a recurring plot point in the animated series until the two dueled again. Though Kenobi won their rematch and killed Maul, the two reconciled in Maul’s final moments.

While the idea of Grievous being Maul may have been compelling, choosing to go a different route proved to create not only a second, worthy antagonist for the franchise but also give Maul fascinatingly rich follow-up chapters to his own story, ultimately serving the franchise in the best possible way.

Source: /Film

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