Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Black Panther Teaser May Hint at HYDRA’s Future Presence

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Marvel’s Avengers is building up to next week’s release of the War for Wakanda expansion. Black Panther will finally be playable and we’ll get a brand new story to play through alongside additional missions. We’ll get our first full look at the character in action during the game’s latest War Table video. To prepare us for the character’s release, we got various videos hinting at the backstory of T’Challa, the Dora Milaje, and Wakanda.

The latest offers more clues on Ulysses Klaue’s motivation and even reveals a sequence where T’Chaka fought alongside Captain America in the Second World War. We find out they fought against Ulysses Klaue’s father, whose legacy carries over into the DLC. This small detail serves more than just world-building, but might also have bigger implications for the game’s future than we might think. It may be our first hint at the introduction of HYDRA into the game’s universe.


Klaue will introduce the game to a new enemy faction. While it seems he is acting in the name of AIM, it was never confirmed if his team of goons gets a unique name. I do not believe War for Wakanda will introduce HYDRA as the main faction, but I do think it’ll potentially give us the first seeds on their inclusion in the game’s future. Ever since the Cosmic Cube dropped, we’ve gotten more hints at familiar villains joining the franchise’s world. It might be possible the ending of this story arc is the beginning of their introduction.

Klaue utilized resources from an underground HYDRA, who’ve been building their army in silence. They’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to take action. He is chasing after vibranium for Monica, who vanished after the events of Cosmic Cube. So, he might need a new buyer and there’s someone on the market, who was waiting for the perfect opportunity. They did share a connection in the comics as well. It would be the perfect jumping-off point for their introduction into the game. The War Table will drop in a two-hour event hosted by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller and Ms. Marvel voice actress Sandra Saad on August 16h at 10 AM PT.

Source: Twitter (War Table), Twitter

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