Leaked ‘One Piece’ Photos Confirms Marc Jobst and DOP Nicole Whitaker’s Involvement

one piece marc jobst

It looks like some new photos have found their way online from the upcoming live-action adaptation of One Piece. We’ve been still anxiously awaiting when the series might start-up production, as hints are it may not be until spring or summer of this year. In the meantime, it seems that some new images have found their way online of the clapperboards that’ll be used during production. As shared by @OP_Netflix_Fan, who has been reliable in the past, the clapperboards include some details for the upcoming production.

What sticks out is that it confirms our story from September that Daredevil director Marc Jobst is involved with the series. It also includes the “Project Panda” title, which was confirmed some time ago. It also includes the director of photography, which is Nicole Hirsch Whitaker. She’s previously worked on projects like Jupiter’s Legacy and Truth Be Told. The only other detail that sticks out is that the unit using these clapperboards is called the “Paramecia Unit,” which is a nice nod to the manga’s naming of a specific Devil Fruit type.

It certainly seems like there’s a lot of movement happening behind the scenes, and we might get a confirmation of their production start similar to other Netflix series, which tend to do it through the Netflix Geeked Twitter account. We did get a short message during Jump Festa from the main cast, but we still have no insight into who the supporting cast might turn out to be. Here’s hoping the wait isn’t that much longer.

Source: Twitter

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